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Oct 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
people did poorly and one did really badly. no, mitt romney was very good. he was crisp. his temperament was right. he had the whole, you know, when he'd hit him on health care he'd say obama care, mr. president, i hope you don't take that personally. he softened it. the whole debate from the get-go, even on the little line about the anniversary, you know. >> that was cute. >> where mitt romney with ann, it fell off the cough. his weakest moment was when he tried a zinger, had the planned line. everything else was unplanned. >> so many times, but not the facts. chuck, when is our next poll, and when will we see -- >> i would tell everybody the first polls to look at would be tuesday/wednesday. >> national polls? >> we're going back into the states, we're going back in florida, ohio and virginia, after that debate we had another plan, i said let's go back in the three most important battleground states and see what's shifted and on any polling, what you want to do is let this settle in, and the first survey, no pollster likes a survey on friday and saturday, it's uneven because there are
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
that, set up the 90 billion. >> romney kept hammering obama on the issue that, obama set himself up for saying the budgets show the choices we make. you're right, mr. president, you invested $90 billion in alternative investment -- alternative energy, but joe, i this i that at the end of the day -- >> i don't know what it does on november 6, we'll see. november 6 is -- >> yeah. i think the president has a point when it comes to basic research. >> you think the president can do better, he can bone up for the next? >> you've seen him do better. >> i think if you've got -- >> there were points, joe, where for example on the attack of dodd-frank, romney says you enshrine too big to fail in five banks. obama doesn't even respond to that. >> you don't think he was prepared? >> this might be a manifestation of bunker mentality at the white house. >> looked tired. >> no one's challenged him for four years. >> i know people in the administration, axelrod on nbc after the debate did a better job talking about the president's point of view. >> his campaign has been much better. >> but the pres
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2